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Lontaine Partner Network

Our global partners are some of the most distinguished and recognised medical facilities and practitioners globally. We work with longstanding medical providers and hold all regulatory certifications, registrations and insurances. When you contact Lontaine, you are accessing world class care delivered in some of the most exclusive residences. We look to provide cover even in the most remote and exotic destinations in order to provide not only high-end quality care but also exemptional experiences for patients and their families. If you are a medical practitioner or hold high-end residences, we would love to hear form you!

Gain visibility and growth

Access a new high-end segment globally and achieve higher recognition as a leader in your medical field or higher occupancy rates through short- and long-term stays

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You provide your desired availability and you pay us no fees, we only earn commissions when a property is booked

You are in good company

Join a network of extraordinary care providers and residences

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