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How long does the booking take?

We aim to have all your bookings confirmed within a week of your first enquiry.

From that point onwards, we will work together to have your intake and personalized care plan done. This largely depends on your availability to speak to us on the phone or respond to our emails

Do you take care of everything?

We offer either on-site services. This means that your journey starts upon your arrival to our destinations.

We provide care on the destinations we advertise on our site, however, we can always find alternative destinations or logistic arrangements. Drop us a line and lets work out the details together.

Please note that at this stage Lontaine does not offer medical or travel insurance, however we cover our customers for General Liability during their travel.

Is it safe?

The journey starts with a detail assessment of your needs, one of our partner nurses will speak to you in order to understand your specific needs. Based on this, your nurse will create, together with you, a personalized care plan were we not only address the technical details of your physical and mental requirements but do it in the context of your goals during your time away. Ultimately, we want you to, even for a brief moment, forget about your limitations and experience the extreme beauty that this world has to offer.

Are there any conditions of travel?

At this stage, Lontaine can support your travel if your mobility needs are restricted to wheelchair access. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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