Spiritual & Emotional Hygiene Program

Spiritual & Emotional Hygiene Program

In the fast-paced life of the 21st century it is our experience that many of our clients arrive in a state of being we call “spiritually bankrupt”.  This appears  as a virtual hole or feeling of “emptiness’ in the area of the heart space which upon enquiry reveals a lack of “spiritual maintenance”.

Addiction is often an attempt to self-medicate emotional or psychological pain or distress. Sufferers have little power to resist the urge to act or behave a certain way, despite knowing that doing so will inevitably make things worse in the long run. They will most usually have attempted to stop or change in the past without success. This is not a failure of character, but rather a function of disturbed physiological and neurological processes.

This program, delivered directly from Ubud, Indonesia, is delivered by highly experienced therapists, healers and recovered addicts. The program consists on a number of seperate session which involve: 

  • - Initial consult
  • - Meditation
  • - Yoga asana 
  • - Pranayama
  • - Spiritual consultation 
  • - Recovery coaching/addiction therapy
  • - Ayurvedic Consultations

All Prices €200 per session
($220USD, £180)

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  • Meditation

  • Yoga asana

  • Pranayama

  • Ayurvedic Therapy

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