Access world class care from home

Access top physicians and therapists working in the most exclusive mental care facilities globally

Specialising in Mental Health, Addiction or Behaviour Disorders, our partners are some of the most exclusive and renown providers in their speciality and can assess, diagnose and treat complex conditions via phone or video consultations.

Follow the links below to request

- Virtual Checkups and Medical reviews

- Second Opinions and medical Reviews

- Anxiety and PTSD treatment

- Rehabilitation Advice

- Treatment for Behaviouslal Disorders

- Executive Burnout Treatment

- Holistic Health and Spirituality programs

Each on Demand consultation involves:

- 15 min short intake phone call

- Online assessment or consultation via video/phone

- Written assessment and recommendation for immediate actions

- Follow up and ongoing assistance and planning 

- Access to global assistance in any Lontaine location

On Demand Care Services