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Access top physicians and therapists working in the most exclusive mental care facilities globally. Specialising in Mental Health, Addiction or Behaviour Disorders, our partners are some of the most exclusive and renown providers in their speciality and can assess, diagnose and treat complex conditions via phone or video consultations.

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Each on Demand consultation involves:

  • 15 min short intake phone call
  • Online assessment or consultation via video/phone
  • Written assessment and recommendation for immediate actions
  • Follow up and ongoing assistance and planning 
  • Access to global assistance in any Lontaine location

Our affiliated physicians

Dr. Roby Abeles
PhD Clinical Psychology
Dr. Maggie Hughes
PhD Clinical Psychology
Dr. Kelly Hogdes
Dr. Scott Bauer
General Director Prana Bali
Dr. Sujatha Kekada
Certified Ayurvedic doctor
Ida Resi Alit
High Priestess At Pura Taman Pecampuhan Sala
Dr. Andrew Iles
Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Wellbeing Centre Oxford
Speciality: Agoraphobia and Anxiety
Dr. Lorna Richards
Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital
Speciality: Eating Disorders
Dr. Oluwagbenga Odeyemi
Consultant Psychiatrist from Priory Hospital
Speciality: Anxiety
Dr. Radu Iosubs
Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital
Speciality: PTSD
Alexander Ingram
Therapist at Priory Hospital
Speciality: Anger Management

Our partners


Medical Reviews
Care providerMedRev
Source locationGermany / Ireland
Market servedGlobal
ServicesMedical reviews
Costs€ 293
Testing, Treatment and Therapy
Care providerGoodsky Mental Health Resort
Source locationAustralia
Market servedGlobal
ServicesInitial Review: Online questionnaire + Phone intake
Costs€ 200
Holistic Health Spiritual & Emotional Hygiene
Care providerPrana Bali
Source locationBali
Market servedGlobal
ServicesInitial Consultation
Costs€ 200
Virtual Mental Health Assessments
Care providerPriory Hospital Roehampton
Source locationUK
Market servedUK
ServicesInitial consult: UK patients only
Costs€ 200

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